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Uplift: Creative Direction & Design Consulting

What if your product looked as great as it works? How awesome would that be?

What if your website copy or offer was so clear and compelling you could spend less time with tire kickers, and more time closing hot prospects?

What could that do for your business?


A lot, right? Then your sales team would stop nagging you. Your clients would be happier. And feel more proud about your product.

Thing is, you now realize that you need a really good designer to fix ________.

But when you've tried hiring a designer they didn't really "get it". They couldn't nail the right style or concept you were envisioning. Nothing they delivered was to your expectations, or worst you felt like crying after seeing the end result and knowing the money you spent just went down the drain.

You're tired of chasing your tail and you just need a seasoned, professional designer to fix the problem. To bring your vision into existence, provide recommendations and solutions, and get things moving in the right direction — once and for all.

You would love to have a “design partner” on your team who'll take the time to understand your business or product, your clients and audience, "gets" business and marketing, has an eye for design, and all without slowing you down or running in the wrong direction.

You need someone who can guide your efforts. And most importantly, someone you can trust to bring your vision to life.

But creative direction is outrageously expensive. Having an in-house creative director is a dream for most small and medium-sized businesses. Hiring an agency costs even more. All the onboarding and management expenses can drain your resources.

That’s where I come in.

Hey, I'm Mel Richards, an award winning designer. I've been working as creative communication strategist for over 20 years.


Design was my first love, and it continues to fascinate me on how it can improve people's lives for the better.

I now run a web agency from my home, nestled in the mountains on the West Coast of Canada (Squamish, BC), where we help businesses grow by improving their brand, website and marketing materials.

As your design partner, I'll be working closely with you, at your pace. You’ll never have to chase another designer. No frustration. No hassle. Just a comfortable, ongoing relationship with a trusted design expert who will be there to build amazing results with you.

This is how you'll feel when working with me...

Uplift is a creative consulting service that takes your business to the next level. You get my expertise as a seasoned designer and communications strategist, and my undivided attention to solve your revenue impacting problems, such as:

  1. fixing any communication hurdles with thoughtful design and graphics.
  2. expressing your ideas and value more powerfully through conversion copy or supportive graphics.
  3. establishing a new and improved brand or design for your app, product, website or brand.
  4. improving your SaaS' UI/UX for a better end-user experience, reducing onboarding friction and customer churn.
  5. applying design thinking and marketing strategy to accomplish your business goals.

I'll be your trusted design consultant and marketing advisor. I'll provide you with solid, actionable advice that will improve your business gradually overtime. During our engagement, I can create (if needed) design concept, brand or UI mood boards, recommendations for copy and messaging improvements — and more.


How does it work?

1-2hr Strategy Session (over Zoom video), where:

  • we’ll establish the end-goal for this engagement,
  • understand your ideal clients/audience and their goals to accomplish
  • go deep into your design challenge (as deep as needed — if a second call is needed that's fine)
  • establish "jobs-to-be-done" and key deliverables*
  • schedule review calls

Creative Direction: If I will be art directing someone on your team to execute on the end-product or solution, I can communicate with key persons directly (via Zoom video, email, or Slack) in order to convey concepts and goals, saving you time and the hassle of being the middle-man. I will work with them throughout the engagement to ensure key deliverables and/or end solution is accomplished, by overseeing the creative direction through to vision, quality control of deliverables and a timely execution.

Asset Presentation: I may deliver concepts via visual board, and/or Loom video to convey my ideas and direction, which you can review at any time.

Review Calls: here will get together on Zoom to discuss direction and any changes to be made.

Deliverables*: any artwork or graphics I create, will be delivered to you and you will retain full usage rights. Any supporting third-party assets such as graphic templates, fonts, stock photos or images are not included and must be purchased by you.

*Deliverables may include (but are certainly not limited to) web pages, interface or design style ideas, branding concepts, layouts ideas, etc. I’ll deliver these to you on an “as-is” basis, and follow up by answering your questions.


How much is my investment?

Uplift Consulting is $3000 and lasts for 1 month from date of our initial Strategy Session - that should give us plenty of time to tackle your problem and get to a solution. If you anticipate needing more time, we can discuss rolling over some time to the following month, or if additional time is required, you can purchase additional days as needed at a rate of $1000/day.

How many hours of consulting work is that?

I intentionally avoid any precise numbers here - because sometimes my best ideas happen while cooking, running, or in the shower. I've honed my skill over a couple of decades, so my consulting is a value-based service. Plus, you should worry more about accomplishing the right goals, and think of me as an investment that will Uplift your business.

However, I do impose the limit to the amount of consulting and work included: it should approximately fit into 3 days. If the project will require more time and I suspect it to go beyond this limit — which might happen — you can book an extra day of my work immediately (at my normal daily rate of $1000, depending on availability). If this scares you, than perhaps we're not a good fit.

My goal is to provide you with design solutions that will grow your business — and ensure we get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. I'm not interested in punching a clock or nickel & diming clients. I want to build a long term relationship with you based on mutual trust.


How do I get started?

To signup for Uplift Consulting all you need is to do is book your initial Strategy Session using my scheduler below — just click on the tab based on your location. The time listed in the booking calendar is for a 1-2hr session, and should be plenty for us to get started.

Have an important deadline? Happy to discuss if, how, what we can make happen by then.

Terms: You can read the Terms of Service Agreement before booking, which you'll be asked to agree to during booking.

After booking: you'll receive further instructions by email on how to share relevant assets with me so I can get access and review these before our call.

Guarantee: If during our call we see we may not be a good fit for any reason, I will gladly refund 100% of your payment.

Please note you will be asked to make your full payment by credit card upon booking.

To avoid credit card fees, Interac payment is preferred for Canadian clients. If you'd prefer to pay by credit card, please email and a payment request will be sent to you after you've booked your initial session.