Smash Digital

The Challenge:

Travis came to me with a bare minimum DIY website he had pulled together himself. After building up an amazing reputation over the years as SEO company that actually gets clients ranking (no snake oil here) he felt it was time to create a brand image and website that reflected how Smash Digital is different.

They take their work seriously, but not themselves, so Travis used a cool looking unicorn head as their mascot to represent how unique they are in their market: industry pioneers and on the forefront of SEO.

So with this idea, Travis let me run with the idea to build a website that was different, "fun" and reflected their attitude. Travis wanted me run with the idea and keep the site simple and to the point, but with lots of personality.

The Outcome:

A colourful, unforgettable website that makes people smile, and focuses on their knowledge and expertise through their blog and case studies. 🙂

So incredibly happy with how the entire project worked out. Mel & co took my original idea and made it SOOooo much better. I've never gotten more complements on a site as I have this one. Customers and industry peers alike all understand what we're about as soon as they land on a page. I highly recommend Modern Traction."

Travis Jamison

How We Helped

  • Copywriting Coaching
  • Custom Web Design + Build

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