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The Challenge

Describe what the client does (value prop) and for who.

Describe what the client was after.

How We Helped:
The Outcome

How we accomplished the objective - what we did for him.

Client's Testimonial

As a small business owner for many years I've come to appreciate the indispensable value of having a digital marketing organization behind you that you can trust, and depend on, for their expertise in helping you to make the difference in this world you've created your business to make.

To do this in any but an incremental way requires the ability to scale, and to scale requires a brand of digital marketing expertise, in my experience, that necessitates, i) a genuine interest in you, your business, and what your are striving to create; ii) an in depth understanding of the psychology behind visitor-come prospect-come-customer dynamics; and iii), built on these understandings, the talent to create an online presence that is, at the same time, intelligent built from a conversion standpoint, eye catching in its design, and sound in functionality. Not an easy task, but when you find an organization that has the talent to do this, it tips the probability in your favour that those who are wanting to discover and engage with your business can easily recognize you when they arrive.

I have just completed my first project with Melanie and Modern Traction, and I'm very pleased to say that this has been my experience. So much so that I've already recommended her organization to a fellow entrepreneur and close friend, and told Melanie in no uncertain terms that her and her team's fine work has also, already, caused me to see many exciting new possibilities, beyond what has just been created.

As a footnote, I also have to admit that I'm relieved. In today's business world, so dependent as all us business owners and entrepreneurs are on having an effective online presence, it took me an uncomfortably long time to find an organization I could really trust to have my, and my businesses', best interests at heart."

Murray McEachern, Coach

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