Kettle & Fire Blog

Kettle & Fire sell organic bone broth and are highly sought brand in their food category. Their blog gets over 100K+ traffic per month.



Objective: Take their "blah" blog and redesign it so it is visually enticing and consistent with their existing brand image, has the same header/footer as their website, and optimize the site for better conversions.


  • worked with their content marketing team to create a new user flow and UX, as well as new landing pages
  • redesigned the site navigation, header & footer to match their existing branded website
  • redesign the interface to match their existing branded website
  • add relevant opt-in opportunities throughout the site pages based on the content being viewed
  • created a resource page, and email opt-in landing pages to increase email sign-ups.

How We Helped:

  • Copywriting Coaching
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Custom Web Design + Build
(please note that changes to the site have been made since this version was launched)