Reboot your brand & website to drive more growth.

(and not drive people away!)

We help established companies make more sales, more easily, by differentiating their brand with better messaging and a new website designed to generate more leads.

If you want to grow your business, or even survive this economic downtrend, you need an online presence that will move the needle for your business.

Let’s face it, you can’t afford to leave your marketing to chance anymore, and your website is the first place prospects go. If you’re not communicating your unique value quickly and effectively, your website is essentially a leaky bucket.

It's time your brand had an intervention.

Our 2 month process to transforming your web presence for improved conversions.

Stop letting bad messaging & copy wipe out your conversions.

Attracting leads all starts by having a distinct value proposition and website copy that’s engaging & clear. Unique messaging is the foundational step to creating a powerful brand, and leveraging your marketing efforts, so you can gain more traction.

Through interviews, we’ll dig deep to understand how your company and solution(s) are different so you’re positioned as an authority that stands out within your market. We’ll find your brand voice and craft the right words into attention grabbing web page copy that will turn more visitors into warm leads.


Don't let your marketing efforts go to waste with a poorly executed, or outdated website.

As you know, people make judgements based on their first impressions, and that influences their behaviour. Your website is the face of your business and can make or break your lead gen efforts. That’s why great design matters. Plus, the last thing you need is a website that’s collecting dust instead of leads.

We fix that by creating an impressive and modern website that positions your company as the top choice. We’ll design a smooth user journey that will lead prospects to key information, and then entices them to take action. Our mission is to make your website your best sales tool so people are primed and excited to buy from you, and you get (easier) results.

4 reasons you'll like working with us...

We’re a small and fast-growing agency that’s focused on helping companies win more business. We work with various types of companies, from business coaches & consultancies, to IT companies and manufacturers.

We're true experts that think strategically.

You’re in good hands with our top-notch team of brand strategistsconversion copywritersweb designers and developers that are up-to-speed on digital marketing, conversion strategies and  design trends.

We're dedicated to getting you results.

We strive to create your new brand and website so you’re proud to share it with the world and it makes an impact on your bottom line, so you can see a ROI with us in a short time.

Our process saves you time & hassle.

During our 2 month process we’ll guide you through the process painlessly. You just need to provide your assets and show up for a few calls, and we take care of the rest.

We're fun & passionate people that care.

We’re a fun bunch that are passionate about our craft, and delivering an incredible client experience. We’re always happy to answer questions (in plain English) and provide recommendations.

Clients we've helped go from blah to wow!

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The Results Speak for Themselves

“I’m blown away. My last website was getting under 5000 visitors a day and after we launched the new website, visits increased to 20,000 visitors a day! That's 5X my website traffic in one month from going live! They took my vision and implement it in such a better way. They'd ask great questions, then provide suggestions and explain their thinking — which was always on point! I can't tell you how much of an ROI we've gotten from working with them. It went so smoothly, beyond my greatest expectations. So I truly couldn't be happier with the outcome.”
"I must say that I've gotten incredible feedback from friends and colleagues saying 'I love your new branding, it looks so good!'. Best part is my new program just launched, and the first few people who applied said in the comment box 'I love your website and branding so much I just HAD to apply!'. Mel thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on the website. I'm so thrilled about the results I'm seeing from it now. I cannot recommend Mel and her team enough."
Running a business is like having 2 full time jobs - no time to breathe. Modern Traction's team made a beautiful and modern site that was customized to look exactly how I wanted. Best part is that I had a lift in conversions in the first week. "
I can't say enough about how happy I was with my new website - seriously! And delivered so fast! It's already paid for itself 20x over with the income it generated today alone! Thank you for such an amazing job!
With my site revamped, I've been much more confident about reaching out to people, so I've been actively doing more marketing as a result. This has led to at least a dozen more leads than normal plus a bunch of extra referrals. I've even had prospects and clients compliment me on it.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Hi I’m Mel Richards, owner, designer and brand strategist with 20+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs win more business.

If you’re ready to elevate your brand and want to collaborate with a reliable growth partner, my team and I want to help your business get more traction. Book a zero-pressure chat with me to discuss your goals.

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