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Get more traction in your business with a slick new website, built in

High-end WordPress websites delivered so fast, it'll blow your socks off!
(an extra pair may be required)

Created for the busy entrepreneur who values efficiency and results. Period.

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, you need a standout brand and website that'll attract your dream clients. But you don't wants to spend several months making it happen.

Thankfully you landed here and we can help you avoid spinning your wheels, and get a super pro website sooner than later. 

We lead the way with a simple and streamlined process.

You're in good hands, with top-notch marketing & design professionals.

High-end website design, with a focus on conversions.

Your site is flexible & easy to update yourself with WordPress + Elementor Pro.

Built with WordPress + Elementor Pro so your site is easy to update yourself.

Easily update your site

Simple, straightforward pricing.

Simple, straightforward pricing.

  • a powerful brand that attracts bigger and better clients
  • have new prospects already understand your unique value and ready to buy
  • more sales calls that convert -and less tire kickers!
  • have clients easily book you services on your website
  • have an professional brand that positions you as an authority, and you're proud to share
  • work with a highly skilled marketing professionals who understand conversions and modern marketing principles
  • who focus on "results", work fast and communicate well

If you want to...

A website process that saves you time -and your sanity.

We didn't reinvent the design process. We just simplified it so you can get in, get out and get back to business.

With our 1-week sprint approach, you can finally say goodby to procrastination, analysis paralysis and the dreaded website shame. 

We're here to lead the way, taking the pressure off you, by guiding you through the entire process.  That's right, we like to run a tight ship. But we don't cut corners. We've just eliminated the BS from the typically web design process, and kept the essentials that will actually get you results!


Why do it the old way when you could avoid...

  • wasting your precious time finding and hiring a freelancer you'll have to micromanage
  • endless back and forth over months
  • procrastination and analysis paralysis due to overthinking every detail
  • working with freelancers who don't get marketing, don't hit deadlines and ghost you
  • dealing with blank page syndrome when trying to create your website content
  • a having a website that's hard to edit, or may explode if you change anything
  • worrying that the end result will fall short of your expectations

Created with care. Designed for better conversions.

Most website designs are built to look really pretty, but just don't sell.

That's why our websites our designed to cater your ideal clients, so they stick around, yet still reflect your brand's personality.

Before you know it, your prospect is gone and you've lost another opportunity.

It's a noisy world, and

Get a website that converts like crazy, so you get a

We can help you put your best out there with high-end website that reflects your brand personality, and designed for conversions, and reflects your brand's personality. and have as you're proud to share it with the world!

Clients we've helped go from blah to wow!

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Work 1:1 with an experienced designer, who's only focus is you.

We're not into juggling a bunch of clients at once. That's why we take a highly focused approach to every project project.

You just send us your copy, photos and brand assets, and discuss your goals with our brand strategist.

You'll get started with our brand strategist to review your assets, solidify your website navigation flow and design style. Then you'll be matched and work directly with an experience designer who'll bring your new brand to life by designing your new your website.

You just need to make yourself available during your week for calls, slack chats and sit back and let your designer take care of the rest!

Package Options

WordPress Website
Bring your own website copy and we'll create & launch your new standout website in just one week!

What's included:

  • 45 min Website Strategy Call
  • Experienced Web Designer
  • Complete WordPress Website + Elementor Pro
  • Design & Build for Up to 4 Core Pages of Your Choice
  • Default Pages (Contact, Blog, Podcast, Landing Page)
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • 2x Rounds of Revisions
  • 30 min Recorded Wrap-Up Call
  • 2 Weeks of Email Support + Follow-Up Call (Post Sprint)
  • WordPress Tutorials Library
  • Delivery of All Custom Artwork

$6,000 USD

Would you like a some
captivating website copy
to go with that?


Website Copy
Get client-attracting brand messaging and website copy to boost your conversions.

What's included:

  • BrandStorming Workbook
  • 90 min Brand Deep-Dive & Website Strategy Call
  • Pro Web copy for up to 4 core pages of your choice*
  • Wireframing of your copy, delivered as Google docs
  • 2x Rounds of Revisions
  • 2 Week Sprint

Starting at $5,500 USD

Payment terms: 50% upon booking, 50% at end of sprint.

Add-on sprints as needed for $1,500/day, or $5000/week for additional website design & build help (e.g. new page builds, design or content updates, copy editing, etc.)

💎 Are you a high-growth businesses needing a full-on brand reboot? If you want better messaging, conversions or a custom website > Let's Talk!

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I’m blown away. My last website was getting under 5000 visitors a day and after we launched the new website, visits increased to 20,000 visitors a day! She 5X my website traffic in one month from going live!

Mel knows how to take your vision and implement it in a better way. I had a few different ideas and she would always ask great questions, then provide better suggestions and explain her thinking — which was always on point!

She has an eye for design and a mind for marketing. I just can't tell you how much of an ROI we've gotten from working with Mel. It went so smoothly, beyond my greatest expectations. So I truly couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

Adam LoDolce

How we'll get you across the finish line.


Asset Collection

Our process ensures we have everything we need upfront so we can hit the ground running during your sprint week. Start by filling out our intake so we can understand your overall vision and needs, and collect your assets we'll need to build your website.

book your sprint week, share your assets and tell us what you want and envision over a strategy call with our brand strategist.

Then we'll match you with one of our highly experienced designers who'll

Intake + Asset Collection - We'll send you our intake to understand your overall vision, needs, design preferences and collect your assets (account logins, logo, website-ready copy and photos) we'll need to complete the project.

Strategy Call - On this 60min call and we'll go over all your assets together ensure we have everything we need for your website build. We'll also decide on the date for your Sprint Week and book you into our calendar.

Website Strategy Call

On this 60 min call with our brand strategist, together you'll review all your assets, solidify your site map, brand mood and design direction and provide any strategic recommendations. Then we'll decide on a design style to ensure your new website fits with your brand's personality and audience. We'll also pick a date for your Sprint Week and book you in!


Sprint Week

On this 60 min call with our brand strategist, together you'll review all your assets, solidify your site map, brand mood and design direction and provide any strategic recommendations. Then we'll decide on a design style to ensure your new website fits with your brand's personality and audience. We'll also pick a date for your Sprint Week and book you in!


Launch Day!

First thing, we'll hop on a call to collect your feedback, and any final revisions before launch.

Once completed, we'll ask for your approval to launch your new website live for the world to see!

Post-launch, we do the final setup and ensure your site is indexed with major search engines, and send it for you to test and provide final sign-off. 

Ready to ditch the procrastination and get a website that gets you traction?

Ready to get started? Book a 20 min assessment call today!

Because we care about our client's success, we don't do pressure sales, and only work with folks who are truly ready and committed to their growth.

We are currently scheduling projects for September 2022.

Hi I'm Mel - owner, brand strategist and designer.

Please book a 20 min assessment call and we'll go over your vision, needs and existing assets, and of course get answers to your questions.

I want to ensure our process is a good fit for you —not to pitch you! If you'd like to move forward we will schedule your Sprint Week, and get you onboarded.

If we're not a fit, or determine you're not quite ready yet, we'll let you know and I'll happily share any resources or recommendations, so our 20 mins together was still valuable for you.

"I must say that I've gotten incredible feedback from friends and colleagues saying 'I love your new branding, it looks so good!'. Best part is my new program just launched, and the first few people who applied said in the comment box 'I love your website and branding so much I just HAD to apply!'. Mel thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on the website. I'm so thrilled about the results I'm seeing from it now. I cannot recommend Mel and her team enough."

Carol Cox, Founder

With my site revamped, I've been much more confident about reaching out to people, so I've been actively doing more marketing as a result. This has led to at least a dozen more leads than normal plus a bunch of extra referrals. I've even had prospects and clients compliment me on it.

Ben McAdam, Owner

Running a business is like having 2 full time jobs - no time to breathe. Modern Traction's team made a beautiful and modern site that was customized to look exactly how I wanted. Best part is that I had a lift in conversions in the first week. "
Liston Witherill, Owner

I can't say enough about how happy I was with my new website - seriously! And delivered so fast! It's already paid for itself 20x over with the income it generated today alone! Thank you for such an amazing job!

Hugh Culver, Owner


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You already have website-ready-copy for us to use and integrate (or get our help to create it!) and let our design experts create your new website, and guide you through our streamlined service!
  • You have collection of professional photos that are up to date and ready for us to use.
  • You take action, decisive and don't get bogged down in minutiae and details that don't serve the mission at hand
  • All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform

    Our new Modern Traction app is a powerful sales & marketing platform. Includes: CRM, Email Marketing, Product Checkout, Sales Metrics, Social Messaging and more! This unicorn of an app starts at $125/month.

  • Premium WordPress Hosting & Aftercare

    Get a reliable website hosting and peace-of-mind knowing your website is safe from common vulnerabilities, all without lifting a finger. For more details, check out our Hosting & Aftercare package.

Wow, hiring Modern Traction was worth every penny! We're super happy with how accurately our new website reflects our brand and stays true to the feel of our organization. Instead of trying to do it ourselves, we spent our precious energy and time on the aspects of our business we're actually good at. I recommend WP Genies without hesitation!"

Inis LeBlanc
Squamish ReBuild Society

Modern Traction has done some great work for my company. I have recommended them to my friends and the go-to team for any work our partner agency might need on on-going basis. They're not only great at design but they also understand how it can impact the bottom line - for us that's getting the visitor to convert into a subscriber. You're guaranteed to be in good hands."

Dino Dogan, Founder

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Have questions or curious to see if we're a good fit?
Book a no-pressure discovery call with me now.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Have questions or curious to see if we're a good fit?
Book a no-pressure discovery call with me now.