7 Essentials of an About Page That Will Get You Leads

Why do you need an about page? Back in 2002 Rand Fishkin wrote an article, where he brought up an answer that was written in a forum that questioned why the “about me” page is so important. Although there were a lot of points that weighed what should and shouldn’t be on that page (we’ll talk about this later), one sentence really struck me:

“An About Us/Me page (…) can bring you one step closer to letting someone shake your hand.”>

That’s truly what it is, it is one of the most important pages for three simple reasons:

  1. It is one of the most visited pages on websites
  2. It shows your qualifications and builds trust
  3. It represents who you are and where you came from, therefore showing your human side.

These are the reason you’re reading this article, right? Great! Keep reading and you’ll find seven essentials filled with examples and ideas to make them work for you!

Who you are and how you present it will determine whether or not people will stay, or better yet hire you!

In order for you to be approachable, people need to know that you can relate to them on a human level when you come to solve their problem. You also need to show that you mean business – you have solved problems and explained how things work to others and they applaud you for it.

So, how can a professional blogger, business coach, or even a speaker attract clients and invite them to shake their hand?

The perfect about me page

A life changing and profoundly welcoming about me page is composed of seven must have parts:

1. Who you are and what you do

This is the beginning of your page and it where you can shine. Keep in mind – you want people to shake your hand, therefore no matter what you write you must write it in a conversational and friendly tone. There are a few questions you can ask yourself as you compose your bio and invitation:

  • What makes me different than all the other bloggers, coaches, speakers (Think not only of professional qualities but also your quirky characteristics)?
  • What sparked a passion for what I do and why do I want to share it with others?
  • Where did I get my qualifications? Why should people trust me?
  • Where am I from, who inspires me to excel each day?
  • Is there something memorable about me that could also warm my image (A favorite food, a funny ritual, an obsession with a movie, etc)? Am I human enough?

The fact is, that for better conversion, your copy always needs to be positioned towards the reader – it has to be about them, even though this part is about you. If you start off by focusing too much on your journey from baby to adult – you might lose people’s attention!  As a visitor, all I care about at first (to get engaged into this page) is how can you help me, why you’re the one who can, and why should I trust you – make that your priority.

2. Where you have been featured and who you’ve talked to

We all know the power that “featured on” holds. It proves your track record, it underlines your credibility, and it helps people see your work in action – make sure to link each logo or text so that people can go ahead and check out where your qualifications got you.

Were you ever interviewed? Let others know! Link up the interview or embed the video, potential customers will be eager to read/watch and find out what your thoughts and tone of voice or actually are like.

3. Your picture or a video showing what you do

This point definitely goes along with what we’ve discussed above, in fact, it’s its visual representation. Nothing makes a person more likeable and memorable than the ability to put a face to their name. When you hear the name Rand Fishkin you automatically think of a happy face with a glorious mustache. You think “Andrew Davis” and you see a quirky speaker with glasses and the biggest smile content marketing has to offer.

What image represents who you are? Better yet, is there a video you can also embed that will show you doing what you do best – your job? Look back to essential point #1 and think what image or video best represents the bio you have created.

4. Testimonials

The king of landing pages, Peep Laja of ConversionXL says that testimonials and word of mouth are the driving force behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. That’s an encouraging thought that adds to the fact that testimonials also build a sense of community.

It shows that you and your customers engage and, what’s more, they are happy to share how happy they are with your services.

5. CTA

This one is pretty obvious. Potential customers were able to meet you, see you, learn about what you do and who you’ve worked with, they also saw that your customers are happy. They are now able to make an informed and confident decision.

Your CTA is that “till next time” you hear from a friend, it could mean numerous things:

  • Sign Up / Download more! – for an exclusive offer or advice, or free download. This will help you keep in touch with your visitor and nurture a relationship, building trust with those who aren’t ready to take the next step. You can present people with a podcast, free whitepaper, anything content piece that you feel will increase your credibility and help people get started with your service.
  • Get Started Now – from getting advice, content, all the way to getting you to speak for them – let your customer start the journey to becoming your #1 fan.
  • Get A Quote or Free Consultation – if you’re offering writing, coaching services, or speaking at events it would be beneficial to use a CTA button like this one to let people know all it takes is getting in touch with you and you will personalize your services just for them.
  • Inquire About Booking – this one is especially important for speakers. Let people know that they can reach out to you and find out about your availability at any time


6. Contact link

Make sure that you have a contact form on your page, or at least a link to your contact page. Some customers will still have questions for you, they might also want to work together with you on something special. Whatever it may be, make yourself available to them.

7. Social media links

The last part of your about me page should be social media links, they’re the ones that tie everything together and help promote you and your personal brand. Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube (especially if you’re a speaker that has been filmed!), or anything other social media buttons that will lead people to your community.

If customers liked what they saw, they will be eager to follow your every move and words of wisdom on social media. This is a practise that even giants like Hubspot aim to use in helping an about me page convert.

Two about me pages that rock

There are two websites that I feel best represent the essentials of an about page that you’ve learned above.

Pat Flynn of The Smart Passive Income, is a great start.


I love this picture of Pat because right away it makes me think that he’s just a normal, down to earth dude. Scrolling through you’ll learn why he started Smart Passive Income, you’ll see numerous pictures of Pat in his “work” outfit, band uniform (yes, he shares some personal stories), some of his favorite things, and personal goals.

This about page intertwines various things you can download with personal messages and thoughts from Pat. You get to see the inside of his brain and then you can get started with your future like many, many others:


Another example worth mentioning is Bright Ideas.


Trent Dyrsmir starts off by telling you exactly what he works on, showing you he’s got the experience – building trust with his reader from the get-go. This might feel impersonal and less friendly than Pat, but then to your left you see a smiling Trent with a caption that reads “Yours truly with my very first order of product from China”, suddenly you feel that there’s an actual human behind those words. He doesn’t waste time telling you exactly what he works on, and why it should matter to you.

There is a CTA right away, links to various “featured on”, and then you can read testimonials.

Finally, you have an image of what this guy does and why people like him. Now it’s time for you to understand what made this guy – enter “my story” and “my family”. Trent uses a very conversational tone of voice which helps you feel like he’s sitting in front of you, telling you how it all started and why it still works. That’s the style you should aim for!


Your about page is going to be your calling card and an opportunity to shake a potential customer’s hand – the first step to creating a valuable relationship. Trustworthiness really does convert, many content marketing geniuses are talking more and more about the impact of “keeping it real.” So get your real on and start writing up your about page using these 7 essentials!

It is you, writing about what makes you and your business catchy, it’s not a third person kind of text where someone “talks” about what makes you great. There is no interview, no biographer, no narrator. Focus on writing in first person to show that it is truly you who thinks, lives, and sells the words a potential customer is reading.

Got any more examples of about pages that are worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below!

Melanie Richards

Melanie Richards

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