12 Things to Do After You’ve Created a Blog Post

You’ve just completed writing another awesome blog post, congrats! You’re ready to hit Publish and share it on social media and then call it a day. Woah woah… hold your horses, you’re just half way done! Here are 12 things you should do once you’re done creating another epic piece of content.

After checking out this great infographic (by www.divvyhq.com) make sure to see below for my tips to further leverage your blog post to create even more content and ways you can amp up it’s visibility on social media!

12 Things to Do After Writing a Blog Post

How to Leverage your Blog Posts for Even More Visibility

Here are some of my suggestions to get even more traction from your blog posts. Remember, you want to milk each one so you know the time spent on that post gets as much attention as it deserves! Here are more ideas:

#1 Create a custom Featured Image for your post that includes the post’s title and relevant visual.

Then you can use this graphic for sharing on your social profiles. By posting the image itself (not just the link), your post will get more real estate within the feed (think Facebook), thus getting more attention and click throughs.

#2 Share different content from your post at different times over your social networks.

You can share your blog image, the title or a quote from the post, all at different times over different channels. This can help you get more traffic, without being annoying by repeating your shared content. Using Buffer or Hootsuite will let you schedule your posts in the future and which channel to post to.

#3 Create an audio version of your post.

Did you write an epic blog post? Why not record it in audio format and publish it as a podcast episode? Now you can share your latest post with your followers while they commute to work  or hit the pavement for a quick run! Oh, and that’s another one worth sharing via social media.

#4 Make a habit of sharing other people’s posts who have an audience relevant to yours.

Your network of bloggers and content creators is very valuable. Supporting each and sharing each other’s content is essential to survival in the blogging world. The simple action of sharing can coax someone to reciprocate, increasing the likelihood that they share your content.

#5 A/B Split test your headlines.

If your subscriber list is big enough, you should split test blog headlines in your newsletter. I like GetResponse because it lets you split test your newsletter content (not just the subject line). But when doing this, make sure you are linking to your direct article post id (i.e. http://tutorialgirl.com/index.php?p=123) and not the prettylink version (i.e. http://tutorialgirl.com/this-is-my-super-blog-post-slug/). After you get the results from your A/B split test, you can update the actual blog post title and SLUG to match… then start sharing via social media. Plus, you’ll likely already have more social shares and comments, increasing the social proof of your post when sharing.

#6 Add Tweetable text within your post content.

Create inline tweetable content by using a WordPress plugin such as Inline Tweet Sharer. See my example here:

TWEET THIS: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#twitter”]12 things to do after you created a blog post[/inlinetweet]

The plugin will add a button to the WISIWIG editor in WP and window prompts ask you for the content you would like and then generates a shortcode for you that is automatticly pasted in your post. Just add your content in between the shortcode tags and voilà! The end result is nicely styled too with a little birdie icon. If you want to customize the link style, the plugin even let’s you set a custom CSS class under the settings.

#7 Add an optin in the middle of your content.

As a new visitor reads through one of your blog post, they are likely enjoying the content, because of course you made sure it was jammed packed with loads of valuable info and insights, why not put an optin incentive right smack within the blog post content. If the optin is relevant to the article’s content and is a great incentive, they are likely to signup. Especially, when there is not guarantee he will see your optin at the bottom of your posts because he closed the window after he got the just of your article. Here’s how to add an optin wherever you like using Mailchimp, aWeber or GetResponse.


Share your own tips on leveraging your content for more shares in the comments below!

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